Business Update

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The tourism industry has been massively affected by the pandemic, and here at UK Tourism Online, we have adapted our business in new and innovative ways to continue to provide the very best customer service and bring in as many direct bookings as possible for your business.

Late last year we launched the brand new UK Tourism Online website with a refreshed look and many additional features, so customers have the best online advertising tools possible. The new website also delivers an enhanced, user-friendly experience.

As well as developing a new website, you may have already seen that we have added a new accommodation type. We are proud to confirm that Camping is now live on the website and this section of our customer base is growing day-by-day.

New Services

UK Tourism Online’s main goal always and throughout this unprecedented pandemic, is to help establishments in the tourism industry as much as we can. We are here to help. We have a range of new services, and because we deal with many different establishments all around the UK, have an excellent insight into current business needs.

  • Web Design - From £600 + VAT
  • Hosting & Domain Services - From £54
  • Social Media Management & Development - From £49.99 + VAT

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UK Tourism Online’s prices will remain the same for 2021 to help ensure that we are doing everything possible

to assist our valued customers and help you to get more direct bookings.

Find out how UK Tourism Online can help your business today.